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Artificial Intelligent Forex Trading

We develop autonomous intelligent software - we call Bots - to analyse, predict and trade on the Forex & Stock Markets.
Our Bots can utilise dedicated broker API's or control a browser to gather information, interact with external systems and place live trades.
Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Neural Networks... we build bots that analyse data, generate predictions, make trades and self report.

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How Does Lulu Bot Work

Core Services and Features

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In-Depth Analysis

Our Bots can gather data from various sources and utilise mathematical formulas to imitate the usage of technical indicators and charts. Data can be number, text or even picture based before it is processed and converted into a usable normalised form ready for the AI to interpret.

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Trade with Super Powers

Our Bots have the ability to gather, monitor and predict on a huge range of currency pairs and can instantly review and amend the process during a live trading session. Imagine being able to look at every financial chart for every item simultaneously and performing calculations and predictions and live trades whenever the AI recommends.

regular reports to monitor efficiencies

Instant Reporting

Our Bots generate live reports of all recommendations, trades placed and summary information to keep you informed every step of the way. These interactive reports allow you to zoom in to specific Currency Pairs, Time Periods and AI Classifiers or to take a more general view.

Artificial Intelligence and Finance

Financial Times Video - Who Rules The World When the Algorithms Rule Themselves?

  • “Whether we are based on carbon or on silicon makes no fundamental difference; we should each be treated with appropriate respect.”

    - Arthur C. Clarke -
  • "Instead of trying to produce a programme to simulate the adult mind, why not rather try to produce one which simulates the child's? If this were then subjected to an appropriate course of education one would obtain the adult brain."

  • "Today's AI is about new ways of connecting people to computers, people to knowledge, people to the physical world, and people to people."


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